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Mascarpone Lasagna

Mascarpone Lasagna is a variation of the traditional, Italian dish of baked pasta which contains mascarpone cheese. The dish is usually rich and creamy in consistency on account of the mascarpone and is not considered to be a low calorie dish. There are numerous variations depending on how the main ingredient is used. While it is customary to pair the cheese with tomatoes and vegetables, using pancetta, the traditional Italian bacon or Parma ham is considered to be equally acceptable. Salmon, pork, beef and chicken are other types of meat combined with mascarpone while baking a lasagna. It is also commonly used in three, four, or five cheese combinations in lasagne dishes.

Mascarpone is also used in the sweet variations of lasagne where it is usually whisked along with cream and chocolate in order to prepare a chocolate sauce.

Basic Recipe

Mascarpone Lasagna in its most basic form consists of a layer of tomato sauce and lasagna sheets topped with a mixture of mascarpone and coarsely cut mozzarella cheese pieces. The topmost layer of cheese is sprinkled with black pepper before being baked. Basil and Italian parsley as well as oregano is also used as seasonings while additional ingredients like vegetables, meat or sausages can be added to make the dish heartier and more filling.

Different Ways of Using Mascarpone in Lasagna

Mascarpone lasagna incorporates the rich and creamy cheese in a number of ways depending on the recipe. The different methods of using mascarpone in a lasagna include:-

  • Spreading it as an individual layer on top of the tomato sauce or vegetable/meat mixture.

  • Adding dollops of mascarpone to the traditional cheese sauce for lasagna.

  • Used to prepare the Bechamel sauce for a traditional lasagna.

  • Added to the uppermost layer along with grated parmesan or mozzarella cheese.

  • Blended with the main ingredients of vegetables or meats, giving it a creamy texture.

  • As a garnish for dessert lasagne.

  • As a primary ingredient of multiple cheese layered lasagna.

Health Benefits

Mascarpone lasagna is high in fat and cholesterol and may not be healthy enough for regular consumption. However, the calcium content present in it helps in the development of bones and teeth whereas the Vitamin C helps in preventing gum infections and ulcer formation in the digestive tract.