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Ham Lasagna

Ham lasagna is an Italian pasta dish, made with ham and cornstarch, that is baked in layers. The use of cornstarch accounts for the difference in taste, making this particular lasagna dish unique. Ham is often added to nutritious vegetables like spinach and tomatoes along with different varieties of cheese. Green or black olives are also frequently used to create a variation of the traditional Italian lasagna dish. Apart from the vegetables, poultry meat and eggs are exceedingly popular as secondary ingredients of the lasagna making it a hearty and wholesome dish, rich in protein.

The ham lasagna is best served with a green salad and Italian garlic bread. Roasted, sundried tomatoes and an assortment of roasted vegetables are also regarded as common accompaniments. The dish is also a popular way of utilizing left over ham and vegetables.

Ingredients and Preparation

Cornstarch, onions, garlic and a box of frozen spinach are the usual ingredients required to prepare the ham lasagna which makes use of cooked ham as the primary ingredient. A variety of cheeses, usually three to four different types, is used to prepare the cheese sauce as well.

A thick sauce is prepared by boiling cornstarch in skim milk along with onions and low-fat plain yogurt. A teaspoon of the sauce is placed within the baking tray and covered with three to four sheets of lasagna noodles. The cooked ham and Italian seasonings are added to the rest of the sauce and stirred continuously to form the meat sauce. The ingredients are then arranged within the baking tray by placing the spinach on top of the noodles followed by the meat sauce and a layer of cheese sauce, prepared by blending parmesan and mozzarella cheese together. The arrangements are repeated until the ingredients get exhausted with the topmost layer being created with the cheese sauce and a sprinkling of cottage or ricotta cheese and fresh basil. The lasagna is baked for about forty minutes until it forms a golden yellow crust.

Popular Ham Lasagna Recipe Variations

The most popular lasagna recipes featuring ham as the chief ingredient includes:-

  • Ham & Chicken Lasagna- A popular dish created with boneless chicken breasts and deli ham apart from the usual lasagne ingredients.
  • Brazilian Lasagna- A lasagna dish that is baked with ground beef as well as ham along with white sauce, all arranged in different layers.
  • Ham N Cheese Lasagna- A gourmet dish, popularized by Rachael Ray on TV. The lasagna is prepared with Swiss cheese and thinly sliced ham along and artichoke hearts, seasoned with Dijon mustard.


Chianti is the classic wine of choice, served with the ham lasagna.