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Bacon Lasagna

Bacon lasagna is a hearty, Italian baked, pasta dish that contains bacon as the primary ingredient. Pancetta, the Italian specialty of smoked, uncooked bacon usually serves as the ingredient of choice. The rashers or bacon are usually fried although adding smoked or barbecued bacon strips is common too. Tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants, and bell pepper are also used to enrich the dish making it a considerably healthy form of lasagna. Chicken and ground beef are also frequently added to the dish along with eggs and mushrooms. Marinara sauce and curd cheese combinations are also used occasionally to lower the calorie content of the dish.

Classic Recipe Overview

The simple, classic form of the bacon lasagna is prepared by making a meat sauce as well as a spinach-cheese sauce by cooking crumbled pancetta and ground beef together with tomato paste and combining the spinach-cheese mixture with eggs and Italian seasonings.

The dish is assembled by placing the meat sauce and spinach filling alternatively on top of the lasagne sheets which is baked at moderate heat until the cheese begins to bubble and the lasagna turns golden yellow in color.

The dish is cooled and cut into squares which are served with the traditional Italian bread and salads.

Famous Recipes

There are numerous variants of bacon lasagna which have been popularized in America as well. Some of the famous signature dishes of bacon lasagna include:-

· Jamie Oliver Recipe- This is a hearty dish that recommends using red wine, carrots, mushrooms, belly of pork and ground beef apart from the smoked bacon. The recipe has also been included in the cookbook, “Jamie’s Dinners.”

· Betty Crocker Recipe- Made with crumbled, uncooked bacon, this recipe has gained popularity as cheeseburger bacon lasagna.

· Paula Deen Recipe- This recipe was showcased on Food Network’s ‘Paula’s Show’ and was made with Smithfield bacon and ham which were fried crisply before adding it to the meat sauce for the lasagna.


Epic Meal Time, the YouTube cookery show, renowned for making high calorie meals created the Fast Food bacon lasagna which contained 15 Wendy’s Baconators with each of them containing six strips of bacon each.