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Vegan Lasagna - Part 2: Making The Pasta

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Lasagna belongs to the Italian cuisine. It is made and served in alternating layers of cheese, meat, sauce and sausages. Lasagna is a full fledged meal. This pasta recipe has come out of Italy and spread to America and other other parts of Europe. Kim Shield makes the vegan version of Lasagna for all the vegans.
  Cream cheese mixture 1 Cup (16 tbs)
  Walnut 8
  Vegan meatballs 1 Cup (16 tbs), halved
  Lasagna noodles 9 , cooked (Eggless, Milk Free Noodles)
  Tomato sauce 20 Ounce
  Soy crumbles 12 Ounce (Smart Ground, Any Tvp Will Do)

1. Cook Lasagna Noodles.
2. Spray lasagna pan with oil.
3. Take ½ of tomato sauce and heat in saute pan.
4. Add Soy crumbles and halved meatless meatballs to sauce. Stir well until heat throughout. Approximately 10 minutes.
5. Layer three noodles, ½ vegan meat red sauce, and ½ cheese mixture.
6. Layer three more noodles, pour rest of red sauce on top, and top off with vegan parmesan cheese.

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Main Dish
Pasta, Vegetable
Now since you are done with the initial preparation for Lasagna, it's time to prepare the sauce for the dish. Watch this video and learn how.

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Vegan Lasagna - Part 2: Making The Pasta Recipe Video