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Lamb Juice

Lamb Juice, also known as lamb sauce, is an ingredient which is used as a flavoring agent not only for lamb based dishes, but also for various other meat dishes. Lamb sauce is available in powder form commercially or can also be made at home by combining together mint, salt, sugar, and vinegar, which is sprinkled over prepared meat before serving the dish. The powder form can be made into sauce by adding warm water and stirring the mix properly. It is recommended to preserve the powder form of the juice away from light and air, so that the flavor, color, and moisture are retained.

Ingredients and Preparation of Powdered Lamb Sauce

The powdered version of the lamb sauce contains maltodextrin, salt, starch, yeast extract, onion, garlic, aromatic plants, and caramel (E150c), as its ingredients. All these ingredients help in imparting a distinct taste and flavor to meat dishes in which the sauce is used. The lamb juice sauce is prepared by mixing some amount of powder in lukewarm water and stirring the mixture well for a few minutes before adding it on the top of the meat.

Lamb Sauce Utility

Lamb sauce is used to add flavor and taste to lamb and other meat dishes. The French fancy dishes make extensive use of Blessac roasted lamb sauce, which is available in powder form. The powder is mixed with lukewarm water, and the mixture is stirred well before using it in meat dishes. The sauce produces aromatic plant flavor which help in adding a gamy favor to meat dishes. The homemade sauce is a better alternative to powdered form as it helps in imparting a fresh aromatic flavor to the lamb dishes.

Lamb Juice Recipe- Variations

There are several variations of the recipe of lamb juice in terms of ingredients used. A few variations are given below:

  • One of the recipes suggest combining together salt, mint, vinegar and sugar for the sauce, with all the ingredients brought to luke warm temperature before topping the lamb dish with this sauce.

  • An orange-mint lamb sauce is used popularly for meat dishes. This juice is prepared by combining together mint leaves (finely chopped), orange peel (grated), sugar, and orange juice. The mixture is boiled, strained, and cornstarch, along with little amount of water, is added to the sauce and the mix is heated for a while, before serving over chops.

  • In another variation, orange juice, orange peel (grated), salt, honey, and cornstarch are used to prepare the lamb juice.