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Lamb Chop

Lamb chop is a cut of lamb which has the boneless meat sticking onto a rib. The meat cut is marinated and grilled and served as it is and the resulting dish is also referred to as lamb chop. If meat other than lamb is used then the name of the dish is changed accordingly. Like when pork meat is used it is called pork chop. Lamb chops are often confused with lamb cutlets, which are also a part of lamb but with the rib detached.

Lamb Chop Recipes

All lamb chop recipes call for the chops to be marinated before being cooked. The marinade tenderizes the meat and makes it more succulent. Lamb chops are part of many cuisines where they are basically made using the technique of marinating and grilling, the marinade however, varies from cuisine to cuisine.

Lamb chops are served all by themselves, at times with a sauce or condiments. The sauces accompanying lamb chops are made using flavors like orange, garlic, mustard, apple, etc.

Many lamb chop recipes also recommend cooking them by boiling, frying, braising, pan frying, etc.