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Boned Leg Of Lamb In Haricot Beans

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Soak 8 oz.
of white dried haricot or butter beans in water overnight.
Then boil them in salted water, for 1 hour only.
Bone a small leg of lamb or get the butcher to do this for you, season the inside of the meat with salt and pepper, and stick with slivers of garlic.
Now tie up boned leg of lamb neatly with string either in a long sausage or in the shape of a ball.
1 N.B.
A pie-dish is suitable—this is really a French version of Shepherd's Pie Chop finely 5 oz.
of green bacon fat (if you can't get green bacon use ordinary fat rashers of bacon, as mild as possible), into a saucepan.
Brown the gigot or leg in this (30 minutes per 2 lbs.) then put it in an earthenware dish with the fat.
Add 6 oz.
of onions, sliced, the haricot beans, drained, 1 lb.
of potatoes cut up if possible in the shape of small olives, salt, and pepper.
Cover with stock, and bring to the boil.
Then put the dish (tightly covered) in a very mild oven for 3 hours.
Serve just as it comes out of the oven.

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Boned Leg Of Lamb In Haricot Beans Recipe