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Watermelon Juice

Watermelon Juice, popularly drunk during summers, is the liquid extracted by crushing the flesh of the watermelon fruit. Although the watermelons are available throughout the year but the ones produced in summers are considered best for juicing. The juice prepared from watermelon is loaded with water content (91%) which helps to overcome the hydration caused by excess sweating. The watermelon juice normally tastes sweet but at times salt and pepper are rubbed over the fruit before juicing to enhance the flavor. Also, the juice prepared using fresh watermelons are also consumed during fasting. This helps the body to overcome the lack of nutrients. This juice can be incorporated in smoothies or simply served as chilled dessert drinks.

Watermelon Juice Recipe

Various recipes are followed throughout the world for preparing watermelon juice. Apart from water melon chunks, honey or sugar, and water are needed to make this juice. The watermelon chunks are blended with other ingredients to make the juice. The juice is filtered and served chilled or fresh depending on the taste preferences.

Watermelon Juice Benefits
The juice prepared from fresh watermelons is loaded with nutrients. Watermelon in itself is a good source of vitamin A and C. The juice is rich in concentration of beta-carotene, which aids in curbing the destructing effects of free radicals thereby preventing the risks of cancer. The lycopene content of the juice aids in treating the inflammations that lead to conditions like atheroscelerosis, and diabetes. Scientists are also studying about the possibilities of combining water melon juice with herbal tea. It has been noted that when the juice of watermelon is used in combination with herbal tea, it acted as an effective aid from different types of cancer. The lycopene in this juice aids in protecting cells and other structure of the body from oxygen damage and protects DNA within WBC. The beta-carotene content of the juice also prevents tendencies of airway spasms that normally happen in asthma. Other than that, the juice was found to be effective in alleviating the inflammations associated with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. A glass of watermelon juice provides about 24.3% of vitamin C, and 11/1% of DV for vitamin A.