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Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is the liquid extract of tomato. Usually, tomato juice is made by processing the tomatoes in a blender and straining it. Little sugar and salt can be added to give flavor to the juice. Tomato juice can be taken either as a beverage or can be mixed in cocktails like ‘Bloody Mary’. Other fruit and vegetable juice can also be mixed with tomato juice to make a refreshing beverage. Tomatoes are citrus in nature and rich in vitamin C and calcium hence, tomato juice is a healthy drink full of nutrition.

Tomato juice recipes

Tomato juice is not only a drink but it can be added in many recipes for making some great tasting dishes. Tomato juice crumb cake, tomato juice rolls, tomato juice spaghetti and pork chop tomato juice are some unique yet delicious tomato juice recipes.