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Onion Juice

Onion juice is made by juicing fresh onions. The resulting pulp is then sieved to collect the juice for drinking.

Onion Juice: History

Onions have a naturally pungent juice and odor that has long been recognized for its medicinal properties. The bulb was traditionally eaten raw as a vegetable and was worshipped by the Egyptians who considered it a sign for eternal life. Onions were also found in the pelvic cavities of Egyptian mummies preserved with the mummy as an offering to the death gods. The bulb and its juice were considered beneficial to health even by the Israelites. According to the Greeks, the bulb and its juice had strong antiseptic properties and it was rubbed on the body before the Olympic Games. In Vedic medicine, the medical treatise Charaka – Sanhita mentioned the use of onion and its juice as a digestive aid, and to maintain the heart, the eyes and the joints. Even Dioscorides, a first century Greek physician acknowledged that the bulb and its juice could have tremendous health benefits.

Onion Juice: Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

Raw red onions or organically grown pungent yellow onions are preferred for making juice as they are considered to be the strongest in flavor and taste. The onions can be grated and then squeezed to collect the juice. The juice is quite pungent and spicy. It can be diluted with sugar or honey to improve the taste. A few recipes also recommend boiling or steaming the onions before juicing them. This will produce a milder version of juice. Commercially prepared versions can also be used.

Serving and Drinking

Fresh raw onion juice should be consumed after diluting it with sugar or honey. Cooked onion based juice can be consumed any time.

Onion Juice Benefits

Onion Juices are known to have a wide range of health benefits. The juice of raw onions can be used to soothe upset stomachs. The raw juice can also be rubbed on to the scalp to treat hair loss. One teaspoon of the juice is recommended for an upset stomach. However, a glassful of cooked onion juice can be drunk before going to sleep to improve cholesterol levels.


Onion juice is sold commercially as a food addition and can be found in supermarkets in the produce section. However, this juice may not be suitable for drinking. It is recommended that the manufacturer’s instructions be followed for the use of readymade juice.