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Ginger Juice

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Ginger Juice is a liquid essentially pressed from the roots of the ginger plant. It can be used in a variety of ways, especially as a substitute for ginger in recipes. It is also considered one the most beneficial health drinks and is believed to help cure and curb many problems. The juice can be combined with wheatgrass or carrot juice to enhance the flavor and increase its health benefits. The juice can be made easily at home or purchased from stores which carry the pasteurized version.

Origin of Ginger Juice Recipe

Ginger Juice has been around for centuries. The juice has been known to be a favorite of royals and common-folk across Asia for its many benefits. In many regions of the world, ginger root was one of the most expensive commodities and the juice was a part of the everyday diet, especially for the wealthy who could afford to purchase and use ginger root almost every day.

Ginger Juice Recipe Ingredients

While the basic version has only two recipes, ginger root and water, there are more complex version of the drink which can have other ingredients like carrots as well. Mostly, other fruits or vegetables are added to the juice to make it healthier and add to the benefits it offers. Ingredients largely vary depending upon individual preferences and tastes and the variety of the juice being prepared. Salt and pepper are also common additions.

Ginger Juice Recipe Preparation

The simplest and most common way to make Ginger Juice is to grate a root, skin it and then squeeze the grating in cheesecloth. This would allow the juice to drip through while leaving the ginger chunks out. Water, salt, pepper or sugar can be added if preferred. People looking to make things easy and convenient use blenders and juicers but this can often prove to be tricky. Once the ginger root has been juiced, other fruits and/or vegetables can be added as well, in juiced form of course. The preparation time of the drink is not more than a few minutes, but if the recipe calls for more juiced fruits or vegetables, the preparation can take more time.

Serving and Drinking Ginger Root Juice

Ginger Juice can be consumed at any time of the day. It can be served at room temperature or chilled, depending upon what is preferred. The juice is also used to make ginger ale, as a flavoring for foods and as marinade. Dressing and sauces are also made from juiced ginger root.

Health Benefits of Ginger Root Juice

The drink has many health benefits and is commonly believed to be one of the first natural medicines largely used. The ginger root naturally has medicinal properties and consumption of the juice is one of best, easiest and quickest ways to treat nausea naturally. Regular consumption of the juice in small quantities has been proved to be effective in curbing diabetes and its harmful effects. In addition, the root is a popular and effective natural treatment for cold, sore throat, headaches and a variety of other everyday health problems.

It is, however, very important to remember that the juice should be consumed in small quantities as it can burn the mouth and throat in high concentrations. It generally thought to be a better idea to follow a that Ginger Juice preparation method which recommends cutting pure juice of the ginger root with water or fruit juices.