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Gelatin Juice

Gelatin juice refers to a juice variant which is prepared by adding the gelatin mixture to a fruit. Any fruit juice, water and unflavored gelatin can be used in the preparation of the juice. The resultant juice is chilled and served as a dessert. The gelatin is added to the fruit juice to thicken it. The juices laid with gelatin are used for fasting purposes. This has lead to the birth of the term gelatin juice fast.

Gelatin Juice Recipes

  • Carrot Fasting Recipe: This fasting juice is prepared with gelatin, kelp powder, carrot juice . Variations of this recipe are developed using vegetables like green beans, parsley, tomatoes, parsley, beetroots, and avocados.
  • Strawberry Juice: This variant of the juice using gelatin is prepared by boiling the agar-agar or gelatin with the juice in the saucepan. It is allowed to chill and served when ready.
  • Apple Juice: This delicious apple fruit juice variant using gelatin is prepared with ELL-O® Brand Orange Flavor Sugar Free Gelatin, ice cubes, cold apple juice, diced apples, and boiling water.

Gelatin Juice Benefits
Gelatin is considered to be a good fuel for endocrine system. It purifies and enriches the blood, rejuvenates the tissue and regularizes the function of organs.

Non- food benefits of Gelatin Juice
Gelatin juice is also recommended for healthy hair because it nourishes the hair roots and provides nourishment to the hair fiber and nails. Health experts suggest that flushing the body with gelatin juice will aid in delivering overall glow and healthiness to the body.