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Young Partridge In Grape Juice

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Extract enough juice from white grapes to make a sauce.
(Use a fruit-press if you have one, or a suitable food mill, or press the grapes through a sieve, or wrap them in a piece of muslin and twist and wring over a bowl.) Clean the partridges, stuff them with whole grapes, wrap each bird in fat green bacon (or mildly-cured fat bacon), season with salt and pepper, and sizzle in butter for 20 minutes.
Take out, drain, and keep hot.
In the same fat fry some slices of bread; lay a partridge on each slice.
Pour the grape-juice into the pan, bring it to the boil and pour it over the partridges.
This is an original way of dealing with very young partridges, and makes a change from the classical roast-partridge-on-toast recipe.

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Young Partridge In Grape Juice Recipe