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How To Know If Acai Juice Is Real

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Acai berry juice

Acai juice, owing to its several health benefits, is fast becoming a coveted drink across the country. However, due to logistics and lack of supply of fresh berries, commercial Accai juice is the only means of consuming the fruit in thid part of the world. But then, are all the containers that promote authenticity really so? How do we ascertain whether the Acai juice is real or not? Let us try to find out more about it.


Tips To Identify Real Accai Juice



The primary point that can point you to the real Acai juice is its certification. All you have to do is to look for the USDA organic certification on the label of the package. A genuine product always comes with the label which endorses that the Acai juice is real and free of toxins as well as preservatives.



If you happen to be fond of plastic jars, you do need to be careful indeed! Go for the glass bottle even if you feel it to be cumbersome. Preserving the Acai berry juice in a plastic container can spell trouble for your health. The material can promote toxic substances which are sure to find their way into the contents before too long.



Read the label once again very carefully in order to check out the true consistency of the juice. A thick juice that cannot be poured with ease is the unfiltered and authentic product. Be sure to purchase it on basis of its thickness otherwise you will only end up with a watered down impure juice that may not turn out to be too beneficial for you.



Look for the ORAC or the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity again depicted on the label. The minimum value of 3000 should be sufficient to vouch for its authenticity. Steer clear of the Acai juice if it is considerably less than that.



A number of additives go into the preserved juices for enhancing their taste and color. Try to avoid taking the ones that list added sugar on its label. The sugar may actually tamper with the chemicals altering it unfavorably. It is best to opt for the unsweetened version in order to reap the real benefits.


Try to purchase only the juice that is obtained by compressing the berry once you are determined to taste the super food. No frills and fancies can work when it comes to the Acai juice, keep the above points in mind, and buy the healthy variety every time you shop for similar products.


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How To Know If Acai Juice Is Real