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How To Stop Beet Juice From Foaming - The Right Way

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People looking for an alkaline and cleansing diet or people suffering from cancer are usually prescribed to drink beet juice. Here is How To Stop Beet Juice From Foaming - The Right Way, if you are preparing it at home.

Introduction: Besides its cancer-fighting abilities, beet juice is a great antioxidant and also rich in potassium, manganese, iron, vitamin C and folate. Those who are trying to lose weight should have a glass of low-calorie and fiber rich beet juice every day. But, beet juice can sometimes cause unpleasant foaming layer, if it is not made the right way. Let’s find out what precautions can we take to stop beet juice from foaming.

1. Be it golden-orange, purple or rich burgundy in color, when you work with beet, it may stain your skin. So whenever you handle beets, don’t forget to wear gloves.

2. To stop beet from foaming, the best idea is to juice it with other juices. You can use any fruit or vegetable you like in the juicer along with the beets. Juicing simply eliminates the beet foam.

3. Slowly add the fruits and vegetables into the juicer. The first batch will produce more foam but will gradually reduce.

4. If remains of foams still float on the finished juice, remove it with a spoon. You can also use a piece of cotton cloth and tie it on the glass of beet juice. Then slowly pour the juice into another bowl. The cloth will remove foam and any other unwanted particles from the juice.

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How To Stop Beet Juice From Foaming - The Right Way