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Verjuice Is Very In - Know The Benefits

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Verjuice is very in – but what is this actually? This is actually an acidic juice which is prepared from unripe fruits – most commonly grapes. It can also be prepared from unripe plums, gooseberries and also crab apples. Benefits of verjuice have always been felt since ages when it was very commonly used in several recipes.


Verjuice is now considered to be an integral part of any cooking. It acts as a seasoning which is prepared by pressing an unripe fruit. You will get a very tart kind of flavor, due to the very acidic content of this seasoning. This is also a reason why this  is used as vinegar or in place of lemon juice in several kinds of recipes. In the medieval period also, this juice was prepared with unripe grapes and was added to several foods to get a tangy taste.


Here are some more benefits of verjuice which you might find really very useful.


Cleaning solution – If you mix verjuice with fuller’s earth, it acts as a very good cleaning solution, for different kinds of woolens and furs. You can mix verjuice along with sand to clean any kind of rusty mail armor.


Salad dressing – This is predominantly used as a salad dressing. You can use it for the dressing of fruit or vegetable salad, as per your need. Those who are not fond of lemon juice or vinegar can use verjuice as a salad dressing to bring a new taste to the salad. This can be a healthy dressing option instead of thick cream.


Enhancing taste – What do you do when you realize that your cooked meat dish is extremely rich and you feel the urgent need to cut its taste a little. In such a case, you can use verjuice which helps to balance the taste of the meat dish. This is especially useful when you are trying to neutralize the taste of pork dishes.


Grilled foods – You can use verjuice as a glazing  agent  to all grilled foods by brushing. You can use it on barbecued fish, chicken, pork or even beef. You can use verjuice instead of using white wine and brandy in different dishes, if you are not fond of these and thinking about ways to avoid them.


Poaching fresh fruits and reconstituting dry fruits – Do you find it difficult to poach fruits? You can use verjuice to poach all fruits and watch the difference it makes in the taste of the fruit. Dry fruits can also be reconstituted with the help of verjuice. 


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Verjuice Is Very In - Know The Benefits