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How To Extract Juice From An Onion

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One of the essential knowledge of cooking is how to extract juice from an onion. Onion juice is required in several cuisines, so extracting onion juice is going to be almost a regular task when you enter into the kitchen. Juice can be extracted from blended onions

There are several ways, by which you can extract onion juice. You can use your blender or juicer or even the grater to extract the juice.

Using the Blender

Blender could be one of the easiest ways to collect the juice form the onion. For this, you have to first chop the onions to medium pieces. The best thing in this process is that you don’t require chopping the onions too fine. The blender can easily manage the medium sized chopped pieces of the onions. So, put these chopped onion pieces inside the blender and set your blending machine to high speed for a minute. It should be done on one shot, but otherwise repeat blending for couple of times giving short breaks between the processes. When the blending is done, use a fine strainer to strain the juice over a small bowl. Let the onion juice drip into the bowl through the strainer as long as it is there. You may put little pressure with the bottom of a spoon over the onion pulp to make the process faster.

Using the Juicer

Though juicer is mainly used for extracting fruit juices, but you can use it for extracting onion juice, also. However, you should wash the juicer thoroughly after the juice extract process to completely get rid of the smell of onions. To extract the juice in this way, you will require cutting the onions in quarters. Now push the onion quarters through the juice maker to collect the juice directly into the glass container. The collected onion pulp in the pulp container can be reused for a second time through the juicer to extract some more juices. In this process, you will not be required to strain the juice anymore, as it will be automatically strained through the juicer.

Using the Grater

This is probably the most strenuous way to extract the juice, but in this way you can ensure no wastage of onion pieces, as you can grate even the smaller onion pieces. However, you will need to take some precaution, as this process might affect your eyes to cry. Take an onion and peel the skin. Wash the onion properly and then dry with paper towel. Now take a flat bottom container to hold the grater over it. Grate the whole onion using the fine side of your grater. The pulp and onion juice will get collected on the bowl. You can easily separate the juice from the mushy pulp through a strainer. Now take several layers of clean cheese cloth to put the onion pulp. Grab all the ends of the cheese cloths and then press tightly with your hand to drain out the juice of the pulp. Although strenuous and teary, but this process can guarantee you maximum juice from the onions.

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How To Extract Juice From An Onion