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How do you make cabbage juice at home

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You have heard a lot about the health facts of cabbage juice but then how do you make cabbage juice at home. Well, if you are really interested in this health drink I can give you the quickest recipe of making cabbage juice at home. 

cabbage-juiceYou will need 

For making cabbage juice you will need distilled water, green cabbage, blender, plastic wrap and a few containers.

Steps for making cabbage juice

•    Wash the cabbage thoroughly and chop it well enough so that it fills the blender. Now, add the distilled water into the blender till it reaches the 2/3 mark. Next, blend the water and the cabbage for one whole minute at a very high speed. Repeat this process in 2 more batches. Then, pour the mixture into bowls and cover them with a plastic wrap. Let the mixture stand for three days at room temperature.

•    After culturing the cabbage juice for three days, it becomes ready to drink. But, before you drink it, strain it to separate the pulp and the juice and refrigerate the liquid. Now, when your first batch of cabbage juice is starting to get low put a half cup of the juice from the original batch to speed up the culturing. This makes the juice ready to drink in one day.

Health benefits of cabbage juice 

Cabbage is already popular because of its anti-inflammatory properties and is a known solution for intestinal afflictions and gastritis. It is after all a great source of lactic acid. What else? It also prevents heart diseases and cancer. In the ancient times, the Romans and the Egyptians drank cabbage juice before meals for preventing intoxication. Cabbage juice heals ulcers and improves digestion. So, enjoy your homemade cabbage juice everyday!

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How Do You Make Cabbage Juice At Home