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How to make alcohol out of orange juice?

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Orange juice

Alcohol from orange juice

According to the ABV standards, natural fruit juice contains only 0.1% alcohol in it. Orange juice has a much lesser fraction of alcohol content when compare it with other juices. Still you can make alcohol from orange juice as you do from rice and other such food substances.

Naturally, your mind will raise some questions like how can it be possible to make alcohol from orange juice, a non alcoholic fruit juice? Is it really true that orange juice does not have any alcohol content in it? Will excess orange juice intake cause addiction? Etc. You might be worried in all such problems. My answer to you is no need to worry. Orange as a fruit and its juice both are harmless and you can have them according to your wish.

If it is the real case how one make alcohol from orange juice can or how to make alcohol from orange juice? Let’s have a look at the chemistry of alcohol from orange juice. Almost all the food items contain some types of bacteria in it. One cannot terminate the action of bacteria in the food item, even within the refrigerator. Refrigeration doesn't destroy the bacteria; it just slows its metabolism The bacteria present in the orange juice acting in the sugar content of the juice. The intake of sugar compounds by the bacteria, who are good fermenting agents converts glucose and other sugars into carbon dioxide and alcohol through a multi step process.

An orange juice, kept inside the refrigerator will be very slow in the process of fermentation. So it is advisable to take orange juice in a sealed bottle and keep it for some days in an open counter.  Check it after some days and the result will be a high quality and quantity alcohol made from your non alcoholic orange juice.

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How To Make Alcohol Out Of Orange Juice?