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Purim recipes include the recipes for dishes and drinks prepared on the occasion of Purim, a festival celebrated by the Jews to commemorate the rescue of the Jewish people from an extermination plot by Haman the Agagite, which falls on the 14th day of month of Adar of the Herbrew calendar. People exchange gift baskets called 'Mishloach manot' containing various food items on this day, and prepare celebratory meals with special Purim recipes.

Purim Gift Basket or Mishloach Manot

An important part of Purim celebrations includes exchange of gift baskets by the name of 'mishloach manot'. It includes ready-to-eat food and beverage items like fruits like apples or oranges, meats, uncooked grains, potatoes, a bottle of soda, etc. Other items may include snacks, cooked dishes, canned foods, sweets and salads. On Purim day the baskets are delivered to friends, relatives, and even bosses, teachers, doctors, etc. as a part of a social obligation.

Traditional Purim Recipes and Purim Food Menu

Purim recipes include recipes for various dishes that are served during the celebratory meal Se'udat Purim as well as foods gifted in the Mishloach Manot. Here aresome of the traditional Purim recipes that have stood the test of time in terms of popularity-

  • Hamantashen: It is a triangular shaped pastry with different types of fillings.
  • Kreplach: It consists of triangular shaped pasta filled with ground meat or potato filling. They are also called Jewish wanton or Jewish ravioli, and are quite similar to dumplings. It may also be served in soup in boiled form, or fried, in which case it is served as a side dish. It is one of the most significant Purim recipes, which has become an integral part of culinary tradition during Purim.

Customary Ways to Serve and Eat Purim Food

On Purim day, the Jewish people recite sacred texts from the Book of Esther (keriat ha-megillah), exchange food and drink gift baskets (mishloach manot) and alms to the needy (mattanot la-evyonim). They wear various types of masks and costumes, and celebrate with Purim food and wine.

Se'udat Purim is the celebratory meal eaten on Puruim, which consists of various delicious Purim dishes along with wine.