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Jewish Pastry

Jewish pastries are relished as a special treat on Jewish traditional events and holidays. Usually these pastries are filled with various ingredients. Jewish pastries can either be prepared with sweet flavors or with savory flavors. The shape and size of the pastries also depend upon the individual’s choice. There are various Jewish pastry recipes that are developed by different Jewish community.

Origin of Jewish Pastry Recipes

Hamnatashen is one of the most traditionally served Jewish pastries. It is typically served on the Jewish holiday of ‘Purim’. The three cornered shape of this pastry symbolizes the evil character of ‘Haman’ in the story of ‘Purim’. This pastry was originated to mark the tradition of Jewish holiday called ‘Purim’.

Ingredients Prescribed for Jewish Pastry Recipes

Popular and traditional Jewish pastries are filled with poppy seeds. With the changing times, the ingredients has also changed and now peanut butter, glazed fruits and even chocolate chips are also used to make varied Jewish pastries.

Cream cheese, sour cream and yeast are typically used to make the outer covering of the pastries. Raisins, walnuts are used for nutty flavor and cinnamon powder is included for sweet aroma.

Popular Methods of Preparing Jewish Pastry Recipes

Jewish pastries are prepared by baking. Unleavened dough is prepared by mixing, flour, yeast, cream cheese or sour cream. The filling comprises nuts, raisins, fruit preserves or poppy seeds are rolled inside the pastry wrap.The shape of Jewish pastries may be either like crescent rolls or like three cornered hat.Modern Jewish pastry recipes may incorporate any kind of shape according to the liking.

Serving and Eating of Jewish Pastry Recipes

Jewish pastries are conventionally served in Jewish holidays and on traditional occasions. ‘Purim’ and ‘Hanukkah’ are the few Jewish holidays that encompass Jewish pastry recipes in the traditional feast. In weekend brunch also, Jewish pastries are served as an appetizer.

Popular Jewish Pastry Recipes

• Hamanatashen – This is the most popular variety of Jewish pastries served in Jewish holidays. Filled with sweet ingredients, this pastry is a never to miss treat.

• Rugelach – Like hamanatshen, rugelach is also the best-selling pastry at the time of Jewish festivals and holidays. It’s a rolled pastry with sweet and savory filling.

• Mandelbread – It’s an almond loaded pastry that also contains butter, eggs, oranges and lemon zest.

Health Facts Related to Jewish Pastry Recipes

Jewish Pastries that are loaded with cream and cheese are obviously not fit for health and should be consumed moderately. Even people suffering from diabetes should also avoid them as most of the Jewish pastry foods are high in sugar. However, sugar-free and low-fat versions can be made for reducing health problems.