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Jewish Holiday

Jewish Holiday foods are foods that are specifically cooked for Jewish festivals. They include a number of contemporary and traditional Kosher foods amongst others. A number of sweet and savory Jewish holiday recipes are cooked for special occasions. For instance, levivot( potato pancake) and sufganiot( jelly doughnut) are traditional Hanukkah festive recipes. Chanukah, Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Purim, Shavout, Thanksgiving, Tishat Ya Hamim, Tu B’Shvat and Yom Kippur are all festivals which have their typical holiday menus.

Popular Jewish Holiday Foods

Jewish holiday foods are categorized as under:

Hanukkah - The typical foods for this festival include potato pancakes (called levivots or latkes) and sufganiots (commonly known as jelly doughnuts). Apart from potatoes, the typical ingredient for a Hanukkah latke, the other ingredients used are cheese, red pepper, chili and corn. Kosher applesauce is served with the latkes. Hanukkah cupcakes called Menorah and chocolate candies or coins for Dreidel are the other Jewish holiday foods which are widely prepared.

Rosh Hashanah- this happy occasion of the Jewish New Year is highlighted by the preparation of recipes made of honey, sweet ingredients, new fruit and fish. Honey cake, sweetened carrots, Rosh Hasannah brisket, pecan and pasta kugel, and sweet carrot tzimmes are some of the dishes that are typically enjoyed during the occasion.

Passover Seder – Matzo balls, charoset, kugels, soups and briskets are the Jewish holiday foods that are specially enjoyed during this occasion. Matzah brei and festive sandwich rolls are examples of this festive food.