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Jewish Brisket

Jewish Brisket, prepared with the beef brisket, is eaten as a holiday entrée during festivals like Hanukkah. This traditional dish, served as a family meal during Hanukkah, is much valued for its aroma, flavor and tenderness. The brisket, which is a portion of meat cut form the breast or the lower chest of the animal is typically prepared by pot roasting. A number of Jewish brisket recipes, which may be sweet, savory, sauced, pot-roasted, and creative, are prepared. Jewish brisket is also known as kosher brisket as it is prepared as a restriction diet.

Preparation of Jewish Brisket Recipes

Jewish brisket is prepared with the best quality Kosher meat which is typically subjected to slow cooking. Jewish brisket recipes prescribe slicing the beef thinly and against the grain. Slicing the brisket is a very important step in the preparation of a perfect dish. The beef brisket is cooked in a number of ways to prepare sweet, savory, sauced, pot–roasted or other types of dishes.

Popular Jewish Brisket Recipes

A variety of festive dishes are prepared with the Jewish brisket. They are briefly discussed as below:

  • Sweet Jewish brisket – Its moistness and sweetness make it a delicious festive dish which is not only prepared for Hanukkah but also for other festivals like Rosh Hashanah, Passover Seder or any other Jewish Sabbath meal in general.

  • Savory Jewish Brisket- it is cooked with the brisket in red wine with onions, orange jam and carrots with spicy seasonings. The brisket thus prepared is succulent and very tasty.

  • Pot-Roasted Jewish brisket- this is the traditional way for preparing brisket recipe for Hanukkah and some other Jewish festivals. In this method the brisket is first rubbed with salt, pepper and garlic seasonings and cooked with onion and celery with bay leaf for aroma, in an oven in a pan to tenderize the meat. The meat is then sliced for serving. It is then preferably served with buckwheat groats and bow- tie macaroni and sautéed onions, or mashed potatoes with schmaltz flavoring, gribenes or green vegetables.

  • Sauced Jewish Brisket – this is one of the most fondly eaten Jewish brisket recipes which is prepared by cooking in wine sauce. The meat thus cooked, is tender and flavorful.

  • Creative Jewish brisket recipes- A number of novel brisket recipes are being prepared these days with interesting and unconventional combinations of ingredients. Jewish brisket with Apple glaze or Cranberry gravy is an example of such dishes.