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Israeli Salad

Israeli salad is a type of vegetable salad eaten by people of Israel. The salad is often touted as the popular national dish of Israel because it is found everywhere from the buffet tables of a five star hotel to men’s hostel, youth kitchen, etc. Israelis love to call it by different names like salat katsutz, salat aravi, salat yerakot. The salad is prepared by combining tomatoes with cucumbers.

History of Israeli Salad
It is unknown as and when the salad was prepared for the first time because one of the other forms of the dish was always an integral part of the Israeli palette. The food historians say that this salad is inspired by Mediterranean and Arabic food salads. They say that the origins of this particular vegetable salad can be traced back to Arab and Palestine salads. The Israel salad popularly sold across the deli’s New York is in fact Palestinian rural salad.

The salad was popularized in different parts of the world by migrant Jewish population. The Jews all over the world prepare it in their own ways with the addition of the local ingredients. Several variants and related types of salads are found all over Arab and Mediterranean countries.

Israeli Salad Recipe- Suggested Ingredients

The choice of vegetable ingredients may largely vary depending on their seasonal availability and personal preferences of an individual. Tomatoes and cucumber are the ingredients common to all kitchens where the salad is mainly prepared. Other than that vegetables like onions, green onions, olive oil, parsley, olive, bell peppers and black pepper, etc are commonly used in the salad preparation.

Israeli Salad Recipe- Preparation

The salad can be cooked up easily in a very simple way. This is believed to be one of the reasons for the salad being the national dish of Israel. The salad can be prepared by washing and dicing the vegetables. They are flavored by olive oil, lemon juice, pepper and salt. The multihued bell peppers are added for extra color. The Israeli salad is normally eaten fresh.

Salat Katsutz- Eating and Serving
This salat yerakot is mostly served as an accompaniment to the main dish. Until the advent of the new age breakfast cereals, the Israeli’s used to serve this salad during the breakfast and also with meals. Today it has become an integral part of the buffet breakfast served in hotels. At times, the Israelis love to eat Israeli Salad by stuffing it in falafel or at times pita.