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Fruit Jelly

  Jelly 1 Pint (1 Packet)
  Boiling water 4 Cup (64 tbs)
  Cherries 2 Tablespoon (Canned / Fresh)
  Bananas 2
  Mandarin oranges 1 Can (10 oz)

1 Break the jelly into small pieces.
2 transfer these to the measuring jug.
3 Put the kettle on to boil.
4 Pour boiling water on to the jelly until it reaches 1-pint mark.
5 Stir well to dissolve jelly.
6 Put a few spoonfuls of jelly into the fancy mould.
7 Put it in a cool place to set this layer firmly.
8 Prepare the fruit, by stoning the cherries and slicing the bananas.
9 Pour a little jelly on to the plate.
10 Dip the pieces of fruit in this jelly.
11 Put on to the set jelly in the mould and again allow to set.
12 Cover the set fruit with a layer of jelly, carefully spooned over the surface, and allow this to set as well.
13 Repeat this process till fruit and jelly are all used up.
14 Put the jelly into a cool place to set firmly.
15 Immerse the jelly in warm water for about 3 seconds.
16 Put upside-down on plate and shake out of mould.

17 Serve at once.

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Fruit Jelly Recipe