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Quince-Apple-Cranberry Jelly

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Quince-Apple-Cranberry Jelly is an amazingly delicious recipe version. An easy to make recipe, you will simply find this Quince-Apple-Cranberry Jelly both mouth-watering and amazingly tempting.
  Quinces 4
  Water 2 Cup (32 tbs)
  Apples 8
  Cranberries 1 Pound (About 4 Cups)
  Sugar 1 Tablespoon

Cut up the quinces, discarding the cores.
Put in a large pan, cover with water, and cook over low heat for 40 minutes.
Meanwhile, core apples and cut in pieces.
When the quinces have cooked 40 minutes, add the apples.
After 10 minutes, add the cranberries and cook 10 minutes longer.
Put the fruits in a jelly bag or 4 thicknesses of cheesecloth and let the juices drip through.
Do not squeeze bag or jelly may be cloudy.
Use 4 cups of juice for each batch of jelly.
Add an equal amount of sugar and boil rapidly until the jelly stage is reached (about 220° on a candy thermometer, or when liquid sheets from a metal spoon to form a large drop).
Skim and pour into hot, sterilized glasses.
Seal according to manufacturer's instructions.

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Quince-Apple-Cranberry Jelly Recipe