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Tokyo food, food of the people of the Japanese capital city Tokyo, is characterized by wide range of food catering to sweet, salty, bitter and spicy tastes. Popular Tokyo dishes include tempura, Sushi, Unagi, Miso Soup.

Cooking Methods Adopted by Tokyo Cuisine

Food of Tokyo is made through cooking techniques including - general cooking, steaming, frying, broiling, grilling and stewing.

Traditiona Food of Tokyo

Most of Tokyo food preparations are traditional using rich seafood, seasonings and vegetables.
• Sushi is a dish made by rolling raw fish in rice thereafter wrapping them in dry seaweed. Nigirizushi, a variant of sushi, is made with long sushi rice pressed into rectagular box pressed between hands along with a little wasabi and covered with topping.

• Sashimi is a dish made of thin slivers of raw fish mixed with wasabi, dip and soy sauce. Tokyo's variant of the dish is called Basashi which makes use of raw horse meat instead of fish. It may be served as a starting course or main course along with rice and miso soup.

• Unagi is a nutritious traditional food of Tokyo made using freshwater eels. It is served along with rice which constitutes another dish called unadon. The eel is also used to make a sweet biscuit pie known as unagi pie. The eel is rich in calcium, protein and Vitamin A.

• Miso soup is a traditional soup made using miso paste mixed into a stock known as dashi. The other ingredients that go into it are wakame seaweed, potatoes, mushrooms, onion, shrimp, fish and grated daikon. Sometimes pork may also be added to the soup. The soup contains sodium, fiber, protein, vitamin k and omega 3 fatty acids.

• Tempura is a seafood preparation that is deep-fried in hot oil after being coated in batter. It has been a regular Tokyo food on street side since the late 19th century found on pushing carts and side stalls. The seafood used for making tempura include shellfish, squids, prawns and fish besides vegetables.

• Soba noodles -the thin noodles made using buckwheat flour which is had as an alternate to rice and rice noodles as well as being served to new neighbors when entering into a new house is a traditional Tokyo food.