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Tamagoyaki is a Japanese omelet, which is also known as dashimaki or tamago. This grilled egg dish is prepared by rolling a few layers of cooked egg together, and is served commonly in Japan as a breakfast item. Also, the dish is quite popular in the case of Japanese boxed meals, and is also seen in various sushi rolls. This Japanese dish tastes best when eaten hot; though it can be refrigerated and consumed later, with the former being softer and springier, and the latter being very firm.

The dish is normally made in a rectangular pan known as makiyakinabe. However, it can be prepared in a square shaped or regular pan also. The pan should be large in size, so that the rolled omelet is cooked fast. In case of small sized frying pan, it takes a long time to prepare the dish.

Tamagoyaki Recipe- Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

The basic ingredients used in the preparation of tamagoyaki consist of rice vinegar and eggs. At times, soy sauce or sugar is also used in the recipe.

The eggs are beaten and rice vinegar is added to it. Small amount of sugar may be added to the mix for some sweetness. One scoop of the mix is poured in an oiled frying pan, partially cooked, and then rolled towards the bottom. The remaining part of the pan is oiled again and another scoop of the egg mix is poured, partially cooked, and rolled over the first one. The same process is repeated again once or twice, hence helping to obtain a thicker rolled omelet, which is cooked properly and served hot after cutting into one inch thick portions.

Tip- adding sugar to the tamagoyaki may burn the dish easily. So, it is advised to observe the heat level carefully in case sugar is one of the ingredients of tamagoyaki.

Tamago Variations

This Japanese omelet dish may vary in terms of the fillings suggested by the basic recipe. The dish can be made colorful by adding different kinds of fillings.

  • A combination of cheese and ham is one of the popular filling ingredients used in the recipe.

  • The omelet may also be stuffed with scallions.

  • Adding eggplant as a filling ingredient is also quite popular.

  • Also, a few people like to use mushrooms as tamagoyaki stuffing.