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Sushi Sashimi

Sushi sashimi is a main dish in formal Japanese dinner. Sushi sashimi is a recipe primarily containing raw seafood. This is one of the finest recipe in Japanese cuisine.

How to make sushi sashimi?

’Sashimi’ means fresh raw seafood. It may be any kind of fish like tuna. For making sushi sashimi you need rice, any raw sliced fish, Soya sauce, herbs for seasoning and salt. Sushi sashimi can be made in two ways. One is by serving raw fish on the bed of seasoned rice and with a fine flavoring of soya sauce. Another way is by pressing seaweed into a thin paper and then making rolls containing fish and rice.


As sushi sashimi contains raw fish, it sometimes causes allergy or food borne diseases. By freezing, raw fish can be preserved from being infected but in Canada freezing of fish is not acceptable as it may spoil the taste and texture of the seafood.