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Sukiyaki is a dish of Japanese cuisine in Japanese hot pot style, famous as nabemono style. This dish is made up of meat in a mix of sugar, mirin and soy sauce, which is cooked at a very low flame in shallow pot of iron. Many other ingredients and vegetables are also used in the preparation of this popular Japanese dish. All the ingredients are dipped in small bowl containing beaten raw eggs, before eating the dish.

In Japanese language, the word “yaki” implies grill or sautee. Thus, the name sukiyaki was given to the dish, as the beef used in sukiyaki recipe is sauteed in hot skillet.

It is very important to pay special attention to the quality of beef being used in Sukiyaki recipe. It is essential to ask the butcher to cut the soft portions of beef into extremely thin slices. In Japan, the best type of beef used for preparing Sukiyaki is “shimofuri”. Though this type of beef contains too much fat, yet it is very tender and soft. Also, it is very expensive as compared to other types of beef.

Sukiyaki Recipe - Significance in Japanese Cuisine

This dish is prepared in cold season of Japan and is very popular in the year ending parties and feasts. It is believed that not much cost is involved in the preparation of sukiyaki. This dish is very popular in Japan as one pot meal. The meat that is used in sukiyaki recipe is beef. The beef is cut into thin slices for cooking sukiyaki.

The cooking process of sukiyaki normally takes place at a table and it is very common to consume it along with other people from same pan. Sukiyaki is one of the typical dishes in the menu at the time of a large gathering of people in Japan. It is perfect and fun-going dish for any kind of party in Japan. The preparation method is very easy. All the ingredients are collected together and cut properly. They are then placed in a big place and cooked in a hot skillet which is placed on table. There is no need of cooking this dish in the kitchen. It can be cooked while doing other works side by side.

Sukiyaki Recipe - Preparation

The preparation method of sukiyaki may vary from one region to another region in Japan. The major difference in the cooking method is between the western Japan (Kansai region) and eastern Japan (Kantō region).

In eastern Japan region, the preparation of the dish is carried out by stewing all the ingredients in the mixture of sugar, sake, mirin and soy sauce.

On the other hand, in western Japan region, sukiyaki is prepared by grilling the meat in tallow, which is a hard fatty substance of cattle and sheep. After that, all other ingredients are put over the grilled meat and the liquid is separated into a pan. Shungiku are added when the ingredients are being cooked. Serving bowl is taken, an egg is broken and beaten, and soy sauce is added and mixed well. One egg is taken for each and every person. The prepared sukiyaki dish is dipped in the mixture of soy sauce and raw egg before serving.