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Sendai food refers to the food eaten in Sendai, which is the capital of the Miyagi Prefecture of Japan. It lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Ōu Mountains, and the landscape makes it blessed with the richness of seafood, tuna, rice and various herbs, vegetables and fruits. The city is famous for a dish called Gyutan, which is a beef tongue dish cooked on a charcoal grill.

Common Ingredients of Sendai Cuisine

Sendaifood employs extensive use of seafood. The region is home to some famous tuna catching port areas, and saury, bonito, oysters, shark fin, abalone and scallops are also found in abundance. The region is one of Japan's most famed rice producers, and delicious rice from the Miyagi Prefecture is used in a range of dishes. Besides this, Sendai beef is one of the top brands of beef in Japan, and is obtained from black breed of cattle found in the Miyagi Prefecture.

Popular Sendai Cuisine Dishes

  • Sushi: It consists of cooked rice with vinegar and toppings of seafood or fish. It may also be stuffed into rolls.
  • SendaiZuke-don: It is a dish made of whitefish or seafood, which is pickled in a special sauce and served on Miyagi's sushi rice.
  • Gyutan: It is a charcoal grilled beef tongue dish, which is known for its delicious aroma and distinct texture. It originated in Sendai after World War II, when a cook prepared it to satisfy the taste buds of people working at rebuilding the city. It is usually served with boiled rice and barley along with oxtail soup.
  • Hiyashi Chuka: It is a dish which was created in the Chinese eating places of Sendai, and was meant to be a summertime Ramen dish. It is a dish consisting of chilled Chinese noodles, which is now a popular Sendai food eaten across Japan.