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Rokusaburo Michiba

Rokusaburo Michiba who is presently 80 years old living in Manhattan, New York, was born on 3rd January, 1931, is a Japanese chef, who is best known as the original Iron Chef, an immensely popular food competition TV show. Even though Michiba is a Japanese chef, the Rokusaburo Michiba recipes often incorporate non-Japanese elements, giving a non-traditional touch to the dishes.

Noteworthy Works of Chef Michiba

Rokusaburo Michiba made an outstanding winning record in his career with 32 wins and one tie in the popular Iron Chef food show.

Despite being the oldest chef in the Iron chef competition, Rokusaburo Michiba set the record of completing 8 dishes in one battle.

Achievements of Michiba

  • In 2005, Rokusaburo Michiba received the “Contemporary Master Craftsman” award from Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for his outstanding culinary skills and the unique recipes.
  • In 2006, the Imperial Household Agency invited Michiba to a garden party where he interacted with the Emperor.
  • In 2007, the chef received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette (fourth class) award.

Food Introduction by Chef Michiba

The Iron chef has introduced several new ingredients into Japanese cuisine and especially, the introduction of mayonnaise was highly credited along with trademark recipes "Inochi no Dashi," or the Broth of Vigor," using a combination ingredient made of skipjack tuna fish shavings, katsuobushi and konbu or edible kelp.

Restaurant by Michiba

The senior Iron Chef owns three restaurants the Poisson Rokusaburo, Rokusan-tei and Kaishoku-Michiba.

Popular Media Shows by Chef Rokusaburo

Rokusaburo Michiba who is most famed for his appearance as the winning chef in the Iron Chef show, has been featuring in it since its inception in 1993 till 1996, with occasional appearances afterwards.

Rokusaburo Michiba: Trivia

  • Rokusaburo Michiba was often referenced as "The Rebel of Japanese Cuisine."
  • After the chef’s retirement, a special episode was dedicated to him in 1996 calling it “The Legend of Michiba.”