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Oshawa food is almost synonymous with that from the cuisine of south Ontario, Canada. Being placed on the banks of Lake Ontario, the city depends on the local catch of fish for making many of its signature dishes.

The staple that is eaten in many forms in Oshawa is bread wich ranges from the white ones to buns, pita breads, Middle Eastern flat breads and the Indian roti all having their own followers from Oshawa’s multi-ethnic city. Being a part of the greater Toronto area also gives the city it multi-cultural population with the General Motors Factory also employing people from all around the world.

There are numerous Farmer’s Markets in the area which help the residents to obtain fresh local produce with apples, pears, peaches, berries and grapes being some of the specialties of the area. Potatoes and tomatoes are pumpkins are some of the agricultural produces much relished by the people of Oshawa.

Beef is the most favored meat in the Ontario region along with the city of Oshawa.

History of Oshawa Cuisine

The city grew from a small French trading post in the 1700s which mainly exchanged furs with the local Indians. However, there has been a relatively lower amount of immigration than the neighboring Toronto and the population remains mainly white with a sprinkling of African Americans. The French American nature of the people is the reason for its love for the French style of cuisine. However, there are many ethnic restaurants operating out of the area at present.

Popular Food Items of Oshawa Cuisine

  • Crunchy Cabbage- Green cabbage stir-fried with garlic and brown sugar.
  • Butter Tarts- Tarts cooked in butter is a Ontario specialty. Sliced walnuts and raisins added to it make it taste a little different.
  • Empire Cookies- Shortbread cookies filled with fruit jams. Traditionally topped with cherries glazed with sugar.
  • Clapshot- A Scottish dish which is considered to be a part of South Ontario’s culinary tradition. It is made with boiled potatoes, chives and Swedes.
  • Rutabaga- Mashed Swedish turnip with cream and salt mixed with a little milk is the Oshawa alternative for mashed potato.

Places Famous for Oshawa Food

  • The Keg Steakhouse- known for its variety of steaks and salads
  • The Patty Shack- specializes in serving thin bun topped with a choice of burger fillings.
  • Mandarin- Popular with the working class as it serves a delicious Chinese Lunch Buffet


Oshawa Diet is a macrobiotic diet although it has no connection with Oshawa food.