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Nagoya food refers to the food eaten in Nagoya, which is the fourth most populous city located on the Pacific coast of Japan. Seafood dishes and various noodle dishes are common to the cuisine here. Some popular dishes from the city are Nagoya Cochin, Misokatsu and Kishimen.

Common Ingredients of Nagoya Cuisine

Seafood, meats like pork and chicken, rice as well as locally produced vegetables, seaweeds and fruits are important ingredients of Nagoya food. The city is famous for Nagoya Cochin, which is a cross between the native Nagoya Chicken and the black boned Cochin chicken from China, and was first developed in the 19th century.

Popular Nagoya Cuisine Dishes

  • Misokatsu:They are cutlets made of pork and served with miso sauce.
  • Tebasaki: It consists of chicken wings that are marinated in a sweet sauce, along with sesame seeds.
  • Kishimen: They are flat and broad wheat noodles that are eaten in the form of various scrumptious dishes.
  • Misonikomi Udon: It is a dish consisting of noodles in miso soup.
  • Hitsumabushi: It is a dish consisting of grilled eel on cooked rice, and contains seasonings of green onions, pieces of the seaweed nori and grated wasabi.
  • Tebasaki : It is a fried chicken dish made by deep frying wingtips of chicken. It is spicy in taste and pairs well with Japanese rice wine or beer.
  • Tenmusu: They are a kind of rice balls with shrimp fritter or tempura inside them.
  • Epi-furai: It is a shrimp fritter which is a common element of Nagoya food, mostly found in boxed lunch or as a part of lunch specials in Nagoya.