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Kobe food refers to the food eaten in Kobe, which is a port city in Japan, and boasts of being Japan's sixth largest city. The food in Kobe includes seafood, dishes made with the famous Kobe beef as well as various vegetarian dishes. It also has an influence of Chinese cuisine and a Chinese Japanese mixed style of food is often served in many Kobe restaurants.

Ingredients Commonly Used in Kobe Cuisine

Kobe food is rich in a number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients including seafood, beef, pork, green peppers, chili, soy, onions, bamboo shoots and cereals like rice.

Kobe beef is internationally famous, and is obtained from Tajima-ushi cows of the region.

Kobe cheese is a fresh milk cheese from the Mount Rokko Ranch, which is often compared to the famous Camembert cheese but is milder in taste and smell.

Natural water from Mount Rokko at the west end of Kobe region is rich in minerals and great in taste, and is a specialty of the region.

Popular Kobe Cuisine Dishes

• Carbonated Senbei: It is a rice cake made with carbonated water from Arima Spa. It has a wafer like appearance and crispy taste, and is made by a specialized baking process.

• Mābō-dōfu: It is a dish made by stir frying ground pork and tofu in a somewhat spicy sauce.

• Chin-jao Rōsu: It is a dish consisting of beef strips, green peppers and sprouted beans in an oyster sauce.

• Ebi no Chili Sauce: It is a spicy shrimp dish containing a thick sauce.

• Kara-age: It consists of chicken thigh pieces which have been dipped in batter and deep fried. It is served along with sauce.

• Kob Wines: White as well as rose wines are produced in this region, made from Kobe grapes. The quality of these delicious wines has been recognized internationally.

Nutritional Benefits of Food in Kobe

Kobe food is rich in seafood which is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids, which are very beneficial for fighting a range of diseases.

Kobe food also incorporates the health benefits of the chili, which is the most important ingredient here, and which is known to help the body in fighting cancer, inflammations, high blood pressure, migraine and sinus headaches, etc.