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Hojicha Tea

Hojicha tea, also known as Japanese green tea is prepared from Japanese Bancha tea. A mixture of slow-roasted and pan-fired green tea leaves, this green tea involves roasting to negate the vegetative feeling associated with the green tea and this delivers a caramel flavor to this tea.

This tea variant is normally served as the after-meal drink and it creates the feeling of fullness in the eater. This tea is recommended often due to its low caffeine content. The Hojicha tea is especially recommended to people who are suffering from sleep-related problems because it is a well-known mind refresher and is considered good for inducing sleep.

Brewing Guide for Japanese Green Tea
Hojicha green tea is brewed in the same manner as any other regular green tea. and the only other ingredient required to brew the tea is water. The tea bag is steeped in the water for about a minute or two for attaining the desired flavor, after which, the leaves are strained and tea served immediately.

Hojicha Tea Benefits
This Japanese Green Tea is also consumed for health benefits. This tea is a good immune system booster. The regular consumption of this herbal tea aids in fighting against the ailments induced by virus and bacteria. The tea regularizes the blood circulation by clearing the plaques in blood vessels. It helps to stay away from cardiovascular complications. The tea is considered to be a good weight loss aid because it regulates metabolism and aids in fast digestion. The Japanese drink Hojicha tea for overall well-being of the body and mind.