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Fukuoka food refers to the food and drinks consumed in the city of Fukuoka, which is one of the most famous food destinations of Japan. It is a densely populated city that has a host of famous eating places from beautifully done restaurants to popular foods offered by street hawkers or Yatais.

Popular Fukuoka Cuisine Dishes

Here are some of the popular dishes from Fukuoka-

  • Yakitori- They are grilled chicken skewers, often served at the Yatai.
  • Hakata Ramen: It is a dish consisting of thin Ramen noodles in soup made of pork bone. It is a popular street food.
  • Mentaiko: It is a dish consisting of small fish eggs. It may also be eaten in the form of Mentaiko spaghetti or other Mentaiko dishes.

Street Food in Fukuoka

Food stalls on the streets of Fukuoka are called Yatai. They do most business during evening time, mostly operating from vans containing the food items, and are stationed on various sidewalks across the city. They serve foods like Ramen noodles, yakitori, tempura, etc. There are more than 150 Yatais across Fukuoka. They typically operate between 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., and remain closed on one day of the week, mostly Sunday.

Places Famous for Fukuoka Cuisine Foods

Here are some of the famous places where one can find authentic Fukuoka food-

  • Hard Rock Café: It is located near the Fukuoka dome in Momochi, and is one of the largest restaurants of the city.
  • Izakaya:It is a chain of restaurants that offers a good range of food and drinks at affordable prices. It is popular with students, working people as well as businessmen.
  • Yatai: The best of these open air Fukuoka food stalls are mostly found in the Nakasu entertainment region on an islet on River Naka.