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Curry Rice

Curry rice is a full meal made with basmati rice, onions and curry powder along with assorted vegetables. It is an American staple, also known as curried rice. A third variety of the dish is known as curry rice, a staple of Japanese cuisine where the curry sauce is poured over a bowl of steaming rice before serving. The dish is ideal for cooking within a short period of time and is also extremely nutritious. Carrots, potatoes, beans, as well as chickpeas can be used as ingredients for this hearty curry dish which can also be served to vegetarians and vegans. The curry is frequently enhanced by adding poultry, eggs, and meat to it and may be customized according to the availability of ingredients and personal preferences.

Apart from water, the dish is also cooked in chicken or vegetable broth along with raisins, and fruits like apples and figs. Curried fried rice is an extremely popular variation consumed in the Far East where the rice along with the curry paste or powder is stir-fried until it is heated thoroughly.

While the basic dish is prepared with the white, long grained basmati rice, several healthy recipes recommend using the brown variety. The dish is usually served as a complete meal but can also be served occasionally with steamed vegetables or baked chicken.

Overview of Curry Rice Recipes

The most basic recipe for curried rice involves sautéing the onion and garlic in olive oil before adding rice and curry powder to it. A cup full of water is added to the curry powder coated rice grains and the dish is allowed to cook for about ten to fifteen minutes on low flame until the rice becomes tender. It is served hot with a garnish of fresh cilantro usually, and can also be accompanied by a side serving of yogurt and salad.

Popular Variations of Curry Rice Recipes

There are no standard recipes for the rice and curry which can be prepared with just about any ingredient. However, certain variants of this popular dish have become extremely well-known in selected regions of the world. They include:-

  • Karē Raisu- This is a standard Japanese dish of rice and curry cooked with potatoes, carrots and curry roux, the blocks of curry powder. It is usually prepared with the sticky white rice and served with pickles.
  • Baekse Curry- This is a Korean rice dish cooked with Bakese curry powder and meat, along with a variety of vegetables.
  • Curried Rice Salad- This is a British dish inspired by the bygone era of British Raj. It is prepared by adding curry paste to steamed brown rice, kidney beans, mushrooms, and peppers along with soft cheese and milk. The dish is served cold along with a garnish of roasted peanuts and cilantro.


The American Diabetes Association has recommended the curry rice as an ideal food for people suffering from diabetes.