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Amanatto is a Japanese traditional confectionery which is prepared by covering the beans (usually azuki beans, simmered and dried in sugar syrup) with refined sugar.

Amanatto was created by Hosoda Yasubei in the nineteenth century. He then opened up a store in Tokyo which sold Amanatto, and which continues to operate in present day Tokyo.

Amanatto Recipe Overview

For Amanatto recipes, the black beans are first rinsed in water, and odd ones removed. They are then soaked overnight in ample water. After soaking, the beans are drained and rinsed with plenty of cold water. Any other odd beans left in this are removed again. Now the black beans are simmered in water with a pinch of baking soda, which helps retain their black color. They are boiled only till cooked, and care is taken not to over-cook them. The beans are then simmered again in sugar syrup, and then allowed to cool, and drained. The beans are then tossed in a bowl containing superfine sugar, and then placed on a cookie sheet in a single layer. The sheet is put in the oven for a couple of minutes, after which the beans are allowed to cool down completely. Amanatto is now ready, and is stored in an air tight container.