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Akamiis the fat free or the very less fat fish or meat. It is usually dark red in color.

It is a Japanese word that can be split in two; Aka means 'red' and mi refers to 'body' in Japanese. It is pronounced as (Ah-ka-me).This is a very thinly cut layer of meat which mostly used for the preparation of Sushi. Some of the popularly ordered Akami dishes cuts are ,Maguro no akami (red meat of tuna), Akami no nigiri (Nigirizushi).

The Tuna fish(Maguro) is used in 80% of all the Akami recipes in the world. The Bluefin and Yellowfin are the two commonly used types of Tuna. There are two types of cuts made in the fish before preparing Sushi. The first cut is the Toro which is made in the underbelly of the fish. The Toro cut is fatty and is said to have a buttery taste. The Akami cut is the lean, succulent cut from the back of the fish.

Health Issues Related to Akami Recipes

The Bluefin Tuna is said to be high on mercury which is very toxic to the human body. The average mercury levels in Bluefin are higher than what is permissible by the US Food and Drug Administration (1 part per million, or ppm).

Although it is very difficult to determine the mercury content in the Sushi dishes served in the Sushi bars (Sushi-ya), it is best if the intake of Tuna Akami is kept to a minimum.