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Salt and Sauce Yakitori

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Today, I am going to show you how to make yakitori of two different kinds. Salt yakitori and sauce yakitori are the two delicious versions. Sweet soy sauce and seven flavor chili pepper are a popular combination so you must try this soon. Watch the step by step guide with a demonstration on how to make yakitori.
  Chicken 3⁄4 Pound (300 gram)
  Shishito peppers 12
  Spring onion 1
  Shiitake mushrooms 2
  Salt To Taste
  Lemon 1⁄4
  Seven flavor chili pepper To Taste
  Shiso leaves 3
For yakitori sauce
  Soy sauce 3 7⁄20 Ounce (100 milliliter)
  Sake 3 7⁄20 Fluid Ounce (100 milliliter)
  Brown sugar 3 Tablespoon
  Honey 1 Tablespoon
  Garlic 1 Clove (5 gm)

1. Remove the skin of the chicken. Remove the fat with a kitchen shears.
2. Beat the chicken with knife thoroughly so that the chicken becomes tender.
3. Cut the chicken into strips and cut them into 1 inch pieces.
4. Remove the stems of the shishito peppers.
5. Cut the spring onion into 1 inch pieces.
6. Remove stems of shiitake mushrooms.
7. Peel the garlic clove and crush with the flat side of the knife.
8. Cut the lemon in half and slice it into wedges.
9. Soaking bamboo skewers in water prevents them from burning.
10. To prepare yakitori sauce, take soy sauce, sake, brown sugar, honey and garlic in a pot.
11. Turn on the burner and dissolve the sugar on medium heat.
12. When it starts to boil, remove the foam.
13. Reduce the heat and let the sauce cook down a bit.
14. To prepare yakitori, stick the chicken and the spring onion alternately on a bamboo skewer.
15. Place the leftover chicken onto the skewers.
16. Stick shishito pepper and spring onion one after another and finish with a shiitake mushroom.
17. Stick 8 shishito peppers on a skewer.
18. Turn on the yakitori burner and sprinkle some salt on the salt yakitories.
19. Place the salt yakitories and vegetable skewer on the burner.
20. When one side is cooked, flip over the yakitories.
21. Dip the skewers in the yakitori sauce, roast them lightly and place them on a plate.
22. Serve the shishito peppers on the plate.
23. When salt yakitories are cooked, serve them on the plate.
24. Dip the skewers in sauce and roast them over the burner. Repeat the process 3-4 times until the sauce yakitori becomes golden brown.
25. Serve the yakitori over sisho leaves and serve with lemon.
26. Squeeze the lemon over the salt yakitories.
27. You can sprinkle 7 spices chili pepper over the sauce yakitories.

** The yakitori sauce can be stored in a fridge and reheated for reuse. The dipping process helps bring out the flavour of the sauce everytime repeated.

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Main Dish
Japanese Skewered Chicken
Planning a barbecue this weekend?? Here's a great step by step guide on how to prepare Salt and Sauce Yakitori. This is skewered chicken prepared in two different styles. This dish makes a great main dish and the blend of flavors in it is completely irresistible. Watch this video now.

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Salt And Sauce Yakitori Recipe, Japanese Skewered Chicken