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How to Make Okonomiyaki (Japanese Assorted Pancake)

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- Batter -
100g Soft Wheat Flour (3 1/2 oz)
140ml Dashi Soup (5 oz)
1/4 tsp Baking Powder
1 tpsp Grated Yamaimo (Japanese Mountain Yam)
A Little Bit of Salt

200g Cabbage & Welsh Onion (7 oz)
50g Boiled Octopus (1 3/4 oz)
8 Deep-Water Shrimps
Sakuraebi (Dried Pink Baby Shrimps)
Tenkasu (Bits of Deep-Fried Tempura Batter)
Beni Syoga (Pickled Ginger)
2 Eggs
100g Slice Pork (3 1/2 oz)

- Toppings -
Okonomiyaki Sauce
Long Green Onion
Dried Bonito Frakes
Aonori (Green Laver)

1) For making the batter, combine the cake flour and baking powder in a bowl and stir together with a whisk.
2) Add the dashi stock while mixing.
3) Add the salt and the grated yam.
4) Cut the pork belly slices into 2 inch pieces.
5) Chop the spring onion leaves into fine pieces and chop the cabbage.
6) Place the cabbage into the bowl of batter.
7) Chop the green onion into fine pieces and place in the bowl.
8) Chop the pickled ginger into 1/3 inch pieces and add to the bowl.
9) Slice the boiled octopus into quarter inch slices and peel and chop the baby shrimp and add both to the bowl.
10) Add tenkasu and dried baby pink shrimp to the bowl.
11) Finally crack 2 eggs in the bowl and lightly toss all the ingredients to coat.
12) Preheat the electric griddle to high heat and coat the surface with vegetable oil.
13) Place the mixture onto the griddle, making a round shape. Make sure to leave a bit of the batter for later use.
14) Place the pork slices onto the mixture and coat the surface of the pork with the remaining batter.
15) Cover with a lid and cook about 2 minutes on high heat.
16) Turn the Okonomiyaki over, cover and cook the other side till golden brown.
17) Remove the lid and flip it over again and lower to medium heat to cook the inside.

18) Coat with Okonomiyaki sauce and garnish with green onions and serve.

Recipe Summary

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Main Dish
Pork Belly
Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savory pancake containing a variety of ingredients. You can always choose your own ingredients to make it. It’s delicious and can be made in larger quantity as well.

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How To Make Okonomiyaki (Japanese Assorted Pancake) Recipe