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Hina Ningyo Sushi for Hinamatsuri

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The Japanese Doll Festival (Hinamatsuri), or Girls' Day, is held on March 3rd. On this day, we set up hina dolls (hina-ningyo) since they are believed to protect girls from bad luck. Platforms with red felt cloth (hi-mosen) are used to display a set of hina dolls. Those dolls consist of the Emperor (odairisama), Empress (ohinasama), three court ladies (sanninkanjyo), and five musicians (goninbayashi) in traditional court dress of the Heian period.

1. Divide the steamed rice between two bowls, spooning about 75g (2.7oz.) into each.
2. Mix salmon flakes in one bowl of rice. And mix aonori (green laver) + some salt in the other bowl of rice.
3. Wet your hands in water so that the rice won't stick. Place the seasoned rice on your hand. Form the rice into a round ball by pressing lightly with your palms.
4. Make a hole in the center of the rice and set aside.
5. Put sesame seeds in the candy cheese to make eyes and put few drops of soy sauce on the cheeks. Wrap nori sheet on the head to make the hairs.
6. Place the heads (5.) in the holes of the rice balls.
7. Cut out nori sheet and make fan and scepter. Let her hold a fan and let him hold a scepter.

8. Arrange the dolls on a platter to serve.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Very Easy
Holiday, Party
Preparation Time: 
15 Minutes
Are you having a Hinamatsuri (Japanese Girl’s Day) party? Then this recipe for Hina Ningyo Sushi (Imperial dolls made of rice) is something that will save you money and bring a smile on your guests’ faces. These hina dolls are so expensive at supermarkets, so why don't you make them out of rice balls instead?! These rice ball dolls are very cute for a kid’s or a teenager’s party snack as well.

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Hina Ningyo Sushi For Hinamatsuri Recipe