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Maki Sushi

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One of the most popular and favored Japanese dish is the Maki sushi. The word 'maki' means 'roll' in Japanese because this dish is made up of fish rolled with rice and dried seaweed. There are many other Sushi types that will surely tickle your fancy.
  Sushi rice 1 Cup (16 tbs)
  Nori sheets 2
  Fish strips/Crab meat strips 2

On a bamboo mat, place a sheet of nori. Spread and flatten the rice on top of the nori making sure that there are no spaces being left.

Simply lay down the raw fish or crab meat on the middle. The kinds of raw fish that are usually placed in maki are tuna (tekka) and salmon. Make sure that the fish that you will use is fresh and has a sashimi grade quality.

With both hands, hold on to the ends of the bamboo mat. Roll the nori and rice making sure that the ingredients are tightly held inside it.

Remove the bamboo mat carefully to ensure that the nori will not break or be torn. Cut the rolled maki by one inch with a sharp knife and place on a plate.

Another kind of maki that you can do would be the futomaki. Futomaki are thicker makis that contain more than one type of ingredient in its rice and nori roll. These are usually filled up with vegetables making each bite flavorful. Here is what you will need to make your futomaki.

1 cup of sushi rice
2 sheets of nori
2 strips of raw fish
2 strips of crab meat
1 cucumber cut in strips
1 avocado, mashed

Similar to the hosomaki, prepare the nori and rice layers on the bamboo mat. Place the fish, crab meat, cucumber, and avocado in the middle. They can be served well with a miso soup.

Roll the rice and nori while holding the ingredients tightly. Make sure that you do not squeeze the rice roll too much because it may cause the ingredients to slide out of the roll.

Remove the futomaki from the bamboo mat and slice them evenly with approximately one inch width.

Your Maki platter would surely look extremely delicious with a variation of different types of maki. You can add other types of sushi in addition to your hosomaki and futomaki such as the California Maki. Its also a great side dish for any kind of Teriyaki recipe.

Recipe Summary

Main Dish
Rice, Fish
Here are two special maki recipes that you can use to make different kinds of you own specialty sushi. Hosomaki are thin rolls with a strip of ingredient rolled in rice and nori or dried seaweed. Complete this list of ingredients to get started.

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Maki Sushi Recipe