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Traditional Tai Chazuke

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On cooking with kids we are going to learn another delicious Japanese dish, Tai Chazuke. Tai fish marinated with mirin marinade and served over rice and cooked by pouring hot tea is delectable. It is full of flavors with nori, green onion and wild parsley. To find out more about Tai Chazuke, watch the video and make sure you try this recipe.
  Fresh tai 3 1⁄2 Ounce (Sea Bream, 100g)
  Mitsuba 3 (Japanese Wild Parsley)
  Naganegi 2 Inch (Long Green Onion)
  Toasted nori sheet 1⁄2
  Steamed rice 8 1⁄2 Ounce (240g)
  Wasabi To Taste
  Toasted white sesame seeds 3 Tablespoon
For marinade - [serves 4]
  Sake 3 Tablespoon
  Mirin 2 Tablespoon
  Soy sauce 3 Tablespoon
  Kombu 1 (2 1/2"x2 1/2" / 6x6cm)
For green tea
  Green tea leaves 1⁄3 Ounce (10g)
  Hot water 2 1⁄2 Cup (40 tbs) (600 ml)

1. Put the sake and mirin in the pot.
2. Turn on the burner and let it simmer at medium heat. Remove the pot from the flame occasionally to prevent ignition by the alcohol.
3. Boil until all the sauce has evaporated.
4. Add the soy sauce, when it boils again, turn off the burner and add kombu kelps. Let it cool down and when it is cooled down remove the kombu.
5. Put the mirin marinade in a bowl and keep in the fridge.
6. Cut the green onion into 3 inch slice, make a deep cut from the center and remove the yellow core. Scrape the center to remove the gluey layer with the knife blade.
7. With the face side facing up, chop the onion into very fine strips.
8. Put them in cold water a stir with hands. Let them sit in cold water for 10 minutes.
9. Chop the wild parsley.
10. Slice the tai into 1/4 inch slices.
11. Toast sesame seeds under medium high heat.
12. Place them in a suribachi bowl. Grind the seeds with surikogi pestle until it forms a paste.
13. Add 2 tbsp previously made mirin marinade to the sesame seed paste. Mix until the marinade becomes smooth.
14. Dip the tai slices in the marinade and keep until completely coated.
15. Take a nori sheet and slide it back and forth on a cooking grid. Tear the sheet of nori into rough pieces and place in a poly bag and crumble to very fine pieces.
16. Warm up the tea pot by pouring boiling water into a tea pot. Put the lid on and discard the hot water.
17. Put tea leaves in a pre warmed pot and put boiling water which is bit cooled down. Cover with lid and let it sit for 2 minutes.
18. Take fresh steamed rice in a bowl. Keep half of the marinated tai on top. Garnish with chopped wild parsley, thin strips of green onion and crumbled toasted nori. You may also add a little wasabi paste.
19. Finally pour the tea over the tai, you will see that the tai turns white while pouring the tea over it.

Recipe Summary

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Main Dish
Fish, Rice
If fish is a regular feature in your menu then this video is a must watch for you. Watch the chef prepare the Traditional Tai Chazuke which is a Japanese delicacy. Treat your family to this sumptuous dish and grab some compliments.

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Serving size

Calories 410 Calories from Fat 110

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 13 g20%

Saturated Fat 0.07 g0.37%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 0 mg

Sodium 1440.1 mg60%

Total Carbohydrates 51 g17%

Dietary Fiber 3 g12.1%

Sugars 4.5 g

Protein 17 g34.9%

Vitamin A 3.2% Vitamin C 2.6%

Calcium 35.1% Iron 23.7%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet

Traditional Tai Chazuke Recipe