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California Maki Sushi

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Video Show how to make California Maki
For the exact ingredients and quantity watch the video

For the direction watch the video.

Things You Will Need
Sushi mat
Cling film
Sharp knife

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Preparation Time: 
45 Minutes

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Awesome video! I hope you do more like it... :) Nikko
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Nice Post Great...!! Food Lover veerpradeep
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BRAVO! Loved this video. We are big fans of sushi and sashimi and fortunately have many fine Japanese restaurants nearby here in the Walnut Creek-Danville-Alamo area of the East Bay of San Francisco Bay Area. Please share more videos for us to learn and enjoy.
CookingMyWay's picture
You're lucky Mary-Anne - I live 2 miles from the freaking ocean and the sushi here in the greater Jacksonville area sucks for the most part. Just ok is the highest rating I would give any of them. The sushi in land locked Dallas Texas blows our choices away... Makes me mad every time I think about it...
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There are more Japanese restaurants in my area than Italian! I am talking within 10 minutes of our home. Also, they even make fresh sushi at many local grocery stores, even at Costco. You can buy a gorgeous freshly made sushi tray at Costco-actually they have several different trays. We often order a tray of sushi from our favourite sushi restaurant for parties and they deliver it free and so fresh! Even Safeway has fresh frozen at sea vacuum packed ahi-gorgeous stuff at Safeway 2 minutes away. I just sear it in penut and sesame oil and also coat with sesame seeds. Just sear hot on all sides, leaving totally raw inside. Cut, eat with sushi soy sauce and of course wasabi! Kids love sushi!
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Cool video
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thanks for comment my video... More video will coming...
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Hi Chefman, it is superb! "If you want happiness for a lifetime,learn to love what you do"
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hi chefman :) i love your recipe for california maki :) and i love the background music while you are preparing it, can you send me the song in my email? and your recipe is very helpful, i'll use it in my speech class demo, i'll do exactly what you did in this video :) thanks again :) -miggy
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Super video, professional!
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California Maki Sushi Recipe Video