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Jams are often referred to as a variety of fruit or vegetable preserves that are prepared and bottled for future use. Technically speaking, jams contain the whole fruit and not just its pulp. However, there are different methods of preparation adopted which sometimes include the whole fruit, sliced or crushed, or just the pulp or extract, taken after boiling the fruits.

Preparation of Jams

The very basic preparation of Jams includes boiling or heating the fruit or vegetable in water along with sugar, which acts as pectin. The mix thus made is reduced by continued heating for a while and is later allowed to cool, which is transferred to containers or bottles or cans for storing.

Jam Recipes & Culinary Use

Jam recipes may be of various kinds like those made with just one variety of fruit or vegetable or that takes in a mix of fruits or vegetables. Often made in a moist pureed form, Jams taste sweet and are made in easy to spread consistency. Jams are mainly used as toast spreads or as filling or topping for a variety of desserts.