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Stuffed Jalapeno

Stuffed Jalapeno, also popularly called as jalapeno poppers, is a Mexican snack made of jalapeno peppers stuffed with a filling. Although classified as Mexican, its invention was probably in South Western America.

Ingredients and Preparation

Jalapeno is the main ingredient for making stuffed jalapeno. The filling can be made of different cheeses like cheddar, cream cheese, Montery Jack or processed cheese. Seasonings like parsley, paprika, garlic or pepper can be used. Eggs and bread crumb are used to coat the jalapenos. It is then deep fried. Other ingredients like minced meat, bacon, mushroom or crab can also be used as stuffing.

Jalapeno peppers are first cut from the top. All the seeds are removed delicately without damaging the outer structure. The stuffing is made as per choice using cheese and seasonings. The stuffing is stuffed in the hollowed jalapenos. It is battered with whisked eggs. It is then rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried.


· Stuffed jalapeno is served with any accompaniment like ketchup.

· It can also be served with ranch dressing, sour cream or any dip.

Popular Variations

· Chili relleno is a type of stuffed jalapeno. It is coated with either masa flour, egg or any other flour. The stuffing may also differ.

· Chiles en nogada is a Mexican dish made by stuffing jalapeno peppers with different types of fillings and then topping it with a walnut based creamy sauce.

· Stuffed peppers are made using bell peppers. Bell peppers are stuffed in a way similar to stuffed jalapeno.

Health and Nutrition Facts

Serving size – 3 stuffed jalapenos (120 g)

Calories – 250 cal, Fat – 15 g, Saturated fat – 7 g, Sodium – 580 mg, Total carbohydrates – 24 g, Protein – 4 g

· Stuffed jalapeno is high in calories and fat. About 170 calories are contributed by fats. This dish should be completely avoided by people suffering from obesity, diabetes and heart problems.

· The sodium content of the snack is also very high. It should be avoided by people suffering from hypertension and high blood pressure.

· It is healthier to bake stuffed jalapeno than deep frying them. It can also be grilled.

· There is a big calorific reduction when adopting healthier cooking techniques.

Baked Stuffed Jalapeno

Serving size – 3 stuffed jalapenos

Calories - 100 cal, Fat – 5 g

· By baking jalapeno poppers, there is a great reduction in the calories and fat content.

· Grilling can also be done but baking is a better option.

Miscellaneous Facts

· There are many brands like McCain, Heinz, Anchor foods, etc

· It is also served in many restaurants like Jack in the box, T.G.I Friday. It’s also served in many small cafes.