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Zanetti Grana Padano

Zanetti Grana Padano is an Italian cow's milk cheese. It is a traditional variety of cheese. Although it is mainly from Italy, the cheese is exported to other parts of Europe as well. Across North America as well, the cheese has lately become quite popular and is a main food item on many fine and gourmet restaurants. Categorized as a hard cheese, the texture of the cheese is grainy. In fact, the world 'grana' means granular.

The cheese is so called because that is exactly how it looks when it is cut open. A distinct feature of the cheese is its enormous wheel which usually ranges from 70 to 88 pounds. Aged a minimum of 18 months, the Grana Padano is controlled by the Grana Padana Consorzio Zanetti.

Origin of Zanetti Grana Padano Cheese

Zanetti Grana Padano essentially originated in Italy and this is probably the only fact known for sure about the cheese's origin. There are various legends and theories about how it came into being but the truth and accuracy of these claims is largely disputed. Different regions have their own versions.

Culinary Uses of the Cheese

Since the cheese is soaked in wine during the aging process, it has a very strong and unique flavor. This makes it perfect for use in a wide range of dishes. The cheese can be used in almost all preparations from salads and dips to main course dishes.

Nutritive Value of the Cheese

The cheese is very high in calcium and has a fat content of 40%. It is easily digested because during the maturation process, its proteins are broken down into amino acids. Due to high fat content, Zanetti Grana Padano should be consumed in limited and controlled quantities.