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Trieste food refers to the food eaten by the people of Trieste, where Trieste falls under the administration of Fruili-Venezia Giuli region of north Eastern Italy. Trieste was ruled by different emperors and from time to time and knowingly or unknowingly a few multicultural culinary nuances were introduced into the existing food culture. The food from Trieste evolved over a series of political and cultural events. The food connoisseurs have always affirmed that Trieste cuisine is International in all senses. The influences of Austrian, Slavic, Hungarian, Yugoslavian, and German food cultures can be easily noticed in the cuisine of Trieste.

Popular Trieste Recipes
Some of the popular Trieste foods include:

  • Meat and Fish Goulash: This food feature is largely influenced with Hungarian food culture. Various types of meats and fishes are used in the preparation of this dish. The dish also includes various seasonal vegetables. Goulash or Gulyas in Hungarian language refers to herdsmen. This indicates the popularity of food not only within Hungary but also in Trieste.

  • Gubana: This is a delicious nut roll which mostly apes the Swiss roll in terms of its texture, look and feel. These nut rolls are preferred largely during weddings, Christmas, and Easter. This Trieste food item is laced with stuffings made from different types of fillings such as honey, curd, cream, mint, cracklings, bacon, fruit, nuts, etc.